Eating disorders

March 31, 2008 at 1:32 am Leave a comment

I’m watching Oprah.  It’s about bulimia.  And it’s really making me cry.

I have never been bulimic.  I have never once thrown up after a binge.  Even though I have wanted to and tried to.

Part of being true to myself with IE and the way it’s changed my life, is trying to be honest about things.

This is making me cry because I’m seeing that I have come so far, that now this special on bulimia is making me feel REALLY sad and horrified that this woman has been suffering so badly.

It embarrasses me (although it shouldn’t because I know for a fact I am not the only person who has ever thought this), that when I was deeply into my binging mentality, that I would have watched this and felt envious.  Envious that she is slim, envious that she can eat all that food and just pukes it up. Envious that she CAN make herself puke.  Seriously, I tried quite hard many times.

So I know how I go on about IE and wish more people would give it a go.. it’s only because it truly has changed my life in a way that I never EVER would have been able to if I was still attending dieting classes.  If your problem isn’t just being overweight, if it’s not just that you aren’t aware of what you are eating, if it HONESTLY runs deeper than just eating big portions (and you will know in your heart if you have an eating disorder.. maybe not right now, but eventually you will get the idea that something isn’t right), then for people like me, it’s been a life saver.

Quite literally, I believe.

I binged and over-ate for over 10 years.


I do not binge.  I rarely overeat.  I do not purge.

Life saving.  Seriously.

Life saving!


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