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March 31, 2008 at 1:26 am Leave a comment

IE:  Going brilliantly.  I feel like I’ve finally got it.  2 years of working on it, and it’s finally all fit into place.  Food is no longer scary in the slightest.  Examples : a few years ago I could eat a whole pizza by myself.. now, 2-3 pieces absolute max.  We used to eat a block of chocolate in a night (and sometimes I could eat one whole block by myself in one sitting… EW EW EW!), now… we’ve had the same block of chocolate in our fridge for nearly 2 weeks.. every day I open the fridge and it’s there, but I barely notice it.  How amazing is that?  I couldn’t imagine this kind of life before.

I’m a happy girl right now!

oh p.s. didn’t really want to validate all of this stuff with weighty talk, but I’m down about 7kgs.  According to my Dr, that is.. I don’t weigh myself very often at home.  I’m happy, but mostly because I feel more comfortable. Moving around isn’t such a chore, and I’m *gasp* enjoying exercising a few times a week!  I REALLY don’t want to focus on the weight.  The changes inside me are far more significant than any weight loss.


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