Now this is what IE is about!

March 31, 2008 at 1:19 am Leave a comment

A few days ago I was walking through the supermarket. I walked up the cereal aisle and spotted one of my old favourite cereals.

Hubbards Fruitful Breakfast.


I remember I used to eat it all the time because it’s packed with dried fruit, doesn’t go soggy, and is so delicious.

But then in a wave of WW neurosis.. I decided it was too fattening, and since there were lower fat cereals I should stop eating it.

There is a ‘fruitful lite’ of the same brand, but let me tell you.. it pales in comparison.

So I saw this cereal, and it was on special, which just made it more attractive – and before I knew it, it was in the trolley. I went home, gave the kids lunch, put them to bed, and set myself up on the deck under the umbrella, with my laptop, a crunchy fresh apple, and a bowl of this delicious muesli.

It was so delicious. I haven’t felt so satisfied by a food in weeks. It was filling, it was fresh, it was healthy. I got a lot of energy from it, and it kept me full until dinner time. The hardest part was waiting until I got hungry to eat it! (In the old days I would have scarfed a bowl for a snack as soon as I got home).

Anyway, I got to thinking how crazy it was, that my life for a while there consisted of fat thinking. How much fat is in this? Is it more fattening that this other thing? How much of it can I eat before I put on weight? Oh god, did I just ruin my weigh in this week? I’m so fat, I shouldn’t be eating fattening foods.. etc etc.. you know how it goes.

That is crazy talk!

This muesli has other nutritional elements besides kilojoules and fat grams!  There are a load of nutrients in it. When did food start becoming ALL about fat/kjs?

It makes me very sad. I would pass up food like this, because it was higher in points than something more processed that would leave me feeling unsatisfied.. which of course leads to binges because you’re still hungry / unsatisfied. It’s just crazy!

I just had a tiny bowl of that same muesli for breakfast, and it’s so filling and delicious, I know it will keep me going for ages, with the added benefit of me feeling totally satisfied.

Now that is what IE is about.


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