I’m a happily married Mum of two children (soon to be 3 children).

In 2005, I was attempting to follow the Weight Watchers program for about the 9th time, when suddenly something inside me clicked. THIS WAS NOT WORKING! If it was going to work, it would have worked the first time. I’m not stupid. I’m not lazy. I don’t lack discipline. It just didn’t work. Yes, if I followed the plan I lost weight, but it was screwing with my mind. I was miserable, fat and I hated myself. I was entirely focused on food, eating, losing weight, self depreciation. I was inadvertently putting my life on hold. I was waiting to be thin.

Then I found Geneen Roth. I found Susie Orbach. I found out about normal eating, Intuitive Eating. I found there was another way. I’ve read many books on the subject! I stopped dieting. It was scary, it was really hard, but thank goodness I did because it changed my life. About a year ago I also joined a support group which meets once a month to talk about body acceptance and eating issues.

It’s taken me over 2 years to get to where I am now. I’ve never been happier. I accept and love myself right now. I’ve been getting out there and living my life. I am still fat. But the difference is, now I love myself.

I eat well. I no longer binge. I eat when I’m hungry and only rarely when I am not. I exercise a few times a week. And I live!

It can be done, and dieting is NOT the answer!


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