A word on binging

I no longer binge. How cool is that? I had been feeling a bit strange lately because I thought that maybe I was still binging, but no. I’ve thought about it really hard, and analysed it from every which way.

I do not binge.

Sometimes I eat when I am not hungry, for emotional reasons.

Sometimes I eat when I am not hungry, just because I haven’t stopped to think.

Sometimes I eat more food than I am hungry for.

But that is not binging.

Gone is the panicked, food shoveling, heart racing, shameful, nauseating binging. Yahoo!

So this over-eating is something I am working on. I’m now understanding that this is not something I will ever be able to eliminate fully. It’s actually pretty normal. The thing I am realising now, is how much better I feel when I just eat what I am hungry for. My head and body feels clearer, the food tastes better.

I’m trying to revisit the basics of IE, just to remind myself. It just makes so much sense, and feels so normal and ‘right’.


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A new blog

I find myself with the need for yet another blog.  I want somewhere to write about curves, fat, intuitive eating, body acceptance, body love, and here it is.  Welcome.

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